Carry And Mount System started off with the simple goal of mating a bottom-mounted sling strap to a camera in a way that would not interfere with using a vertical shooting grip. We did not set out to develop a plate that was Arca-compatible and made the vertical grip more comfortable to use, but when we mounted the first machined prototypes, we found that we had surpassed our original intent by far. Fortunately, we did not stop there. Involving other photographers led us to rethinking the strap and strap connection and adding the threaded insert (which seems so obvious now). Using hindsight to our advantage, the lens plate evolved quickly into a natural companion of the camera plate, as essential to the system as the telephoto lens is to the photographer.

Carry And Mount System is an emerging brand of products targeted at the event, sport, and enthusiast photographer. The design team consists of Joe Jackson (left), a mechanical engineer and enthusiast photographer and Andrew Johnson (right), an industrial designer and event photographer. The two combined have over 25 years of product design experience in various fields.